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photography & me

My interest in photography began in high school photo class 101. I wouldn't say I enjoyed developing my own film but taking photos for a grade? Yes please. Fast forward to me attending cosmetology school and getting my first job as a stylist. What drew me to the industry was the fascination with styling and editorial photoshoots. I did as many amateur  sessions as I could and realized what I loved more than styling hair was actually the styling of the photoshoots and photographing people.

six years ago when my son was born i was gifted with my first dslr camera and all i wanted to do was capture every moment i could with him and share it on my “blog” (read:random site that just my close friends and family kept up with.) I started getting requests for shooting sessions for people i knew and after years of resisting out of fear of the unknown, i finally accepted. i enjoyed it so much and realized it was just the outlet i had been longing for as a young, creative mama.

since then, I have continued to learn and grow in this art that i love so much, documenting not only my own family but many others all over chicago. i’ve tried out a wide range of photography avenues but what I love most, is lifestyle sessions.

Shooting real, genuine moments of people and their love, not awkward staged poses, is where i find the most joy and inspiration. the fact that i have the chance to hang out with clients turned friends and turn their beautiful story into photographs is just incredible.

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