a portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2014

Took a moment to stop and admire the motorcycle toy he borrowed from his cousin. I keep trying to remind Cohen that next time we see him, we will need to give it back but, let's be real...he's going to have a total meltdown. Motorcycles are totally his thing these days. 

The Dr. Suess' ABC book is on my phone and comes in handy when we try to keep him awake on car trips, or if we are out to eat and he needs a little extra help being entertained. While at his cousin Elisia's house, he discovered the physical ABC book and quickly had to sit down and read it to himself. I'm actually really impressed with how much of the ABC's he remembers!

Big moment for Cohen this week. He found out that he was going to have a little brother! Now instead of pointing at my tummy and saying baby, he loves to come and give his baby brother lots of kisses. And by kiss, I mean loud, sloppy, raspberries. He's just the cutest. 

Robyn BirkeyComment