For the past few years my sister and I have created a tradition of taking one day before Christmas to spend the day making cookies, watching Christmas music and just squeeze as much Holiday cheer out of a day as we can. Last year we made dairy free gingerbread cookies that to do cut outs from but quite terrible to actually eat.

This year I had a mix that Honest Company sent me with my diaper bundle that we decided to use and alter to make it dairy free and egg free. The kids enjoyed being apart of the process by stirring, cutting out snowflake shapes and decorating with globs of frosting and mountains of sprinkles.

One of our kids' favorite movies is Polar Express so we had them watching that and coloring while cookies baked and I made some corn soup with bread because, winter. It's basically the one thing I am always in the mood for when it starts to get cold out here in the Midwest. 

Although a good chunk of the day was taken up by napping children and mamas, I am so glad we were able to make time this year to continue the tradition together. Don't the finished cookies just take you back to when you would decorate Christmas cookies as a kid? I loved watching him attempt to frost and mix the different colors and sprinkles. Sometimes it's easy to not do an activity or craft with a little one because you think of the mess it will create, but i'll take memories over a clean kitchen any day...that's what brooms are for. Carpe diem people, and happy Holidays. 

Robyn BirkeyComment