Before I had my son I was discouraged by the lack of unique and creative options there were for babies but boys in particular. A year later I'm happy to say I have discovered so many wonderful companies, small and large, that make it easy to dress or entertain my little one with a more fun flair. Here are some of our favorites.


cohen's favorite things.jpg

one. stuffed animals handmade in peru and amazingly cuddly. two. a simple comfortable shirt without cars or little giraffes on it. three. don't underestimate a good pair of leggings. four. teething necklaces take the edge off, and they are quite cute. five. every kid needs a soft blanket, and this company has some of the best. six. with all the pacifiers out there, we have found the natural ones are best for us. seven. what little kid doesn't look cute in moccs. eight. love all the amazing books i've found that are visually beautiful and so fun to read over and over.  

Robyn BirkeyComment