Valentine's Day...sometimes it can seem over the top because of hype, spoken and unspoken expectations couples have of each other but if you are the type of person that enjoys giving physical gifts for this day, I have a few ideas for you!

Personally, I am a gifts person, so I enjoy finding the perfect gift for whoever I'm looking for. As much fun as it is to find or receive unique presents, some of my favorite gifts in Valentine's Days past have been letters from noel and flowers. Sometimes, the classics are just as great! 

H e r  // one. a card to make her swoon. two. a book to celebrate her. three. simplicity in it's most beautiful form. four. this candle literally melts the worries away, heaven in a jar. five. beautiful and supports a greater cause. 
H i s  //  six. a card for your fox.  seven. so you can stay in + make your own v-day cocktails. eight. leather band watch by nixon. nine. candles are not just for women anymore. ten. if he plays guitar, display them with pride...after he serenades you of course.


Robyn BirkeyComment