a portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2014

Cohen Monroe has been quite the chatterbox this week. All of a sudden, his little babble has turned into full on toddler language. We can tell that he is so desperately wanting us to understand him and to have conversations but so far we have only been able to decode about 10% of it. It's incredible to be at this point. When he was an infant, I couldn't wait for him to be awake more, then to smile, laugh, roll over, crawl walk and now to talk. I love to think about all the hilarious, sweet, and sometimes bizarres talks Cohen and I will have together and to experience how a young mind processes things and what their logic is like. Once he starts full on talking I plan on making little interview videos to document such a fun time in his life. For now though, the main things he is saying is: Plane, Airplane noises, Show, Bath, Book, Bible, Please (Ezz is more what it sounds like) Cracker, Train, and I'm sure a few more. I think my favorite though is how is mimics our tone of voice, reactions and inflection. Who cares what he is saying, it's adorable!

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