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As part of my new years resolution to create more, I've been painting quotes that I enjoy. It's been my project recently when Cohen goes down for his nap. Though, because I am a perfectionist, I feel like I want to paint 1000 more before I can start making prints. For now, it's nice to have time in my day, even if it's just for thirty minutes, where I can sit down, create and add some new art to our little home. My dream for years has been to have my own little paper business making cards and prints. I'm closer to that being a reality these days and it's so exciting! I'm enjoying brainstorming, and lots of trial and error. The idea of making cards has taken me down different directions over the years but nothing really stuck. I realized I love simplicity, there's something beautiful about it. So, that is what I'm enjoying to create these days, simple words, simple objects, simple phrases. Projects sometimes move slower these days now that I am a mom, but it's been so important to me to keep creating and discovering myself as an individual, apart from my identity as a wife or a mom. If you are like me, try and make time in your day where you can create something, even if it's just a doodle. I find that I never regret it. 

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