Last night I attended a Kinfolk natural home decor class in the city. It was all about taking fresh plants and herbs that not only smell incredible but dry nicely too. We learned from Kelly, an amazing florist from Fleur, about making swags and wreaths. The other host of the night was Amanda, a designer from Kinfolk. Both ladies were so sweet and welcoming, I enjoyed being able to chat with them and some other locals that were crafting at my table. It's energizing to be around so many talented and creative folks.

Kinfolk West Elm Fleur-59-X2.jpg

I've never tried my hand at something like this because usually when I have flowers or plants they enviably die. I don't exactly have a green thumb. Although, I loved exploring my creativity in this new way and now can't wait to make more. It's surprisingly easy to do. All you need are some shears, floral tape, wire and some lovely greens. Then it just takes time to arrange and rearrange into whatever your heart desires.

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I also grabbed this cute little succulent from a store in Oak Park called Bee. I've been wanting these for quite some time because it requires a lot less TLC. Our home feels more uplifted now that it has a lot more greenery and smells like spring. Thanks again Amanda and Kelly for hosting such a fun event. Looking forward to the next ones!

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