when i was pregnant with cohen i had started looking for books that were not only creative in context but visually as well. thankfully we found there are a lot of talented artists + writers out there making some pretty amazing children's books. from books that teach young toddlers, to ones that inspire creativity, to even ones that remake classic stories into an illustrated adventure. these are just some of the ones we have grown to love + a few we are anxious to pick up soon! 

childrens books.jpg

row one
shapes by orla kiely
faces for baby by yana peel
a book of sleep by II sung na
abcs by charley harper

row two
mr. peek and the misunderstanding at the zoo by kevin waldron
along a long road by frank viva
this moose belongs to me by oliver jeffers

row three
little owl lost by chris haughton
color by alexander girard
listen to the birds by ana gerhard
the adventures of huckleberry finn by jennifer adams 

better yet...you can get all these from amazon, so you don't have to forge the cold to get them!  ah yes.

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