looking at my fifteen month old today, i wondered where the time had gone. i remembered all the seasoned moms before me who had said similar statements about their children, and i got it. i'm realizing more and more for myself that time with my child is precious. that all those frustrating moments of mastitis, nightly feedings, breast milk stained tops, and diaper explosions were all apart of this time of cohen's life that is now, surprisingly, nostalgic. as hard as those days were, they force me to also remember the sweet times of when cohen was first born like, his triangle toe nails, uncontrollable arm movements, sleeping on my chest, breastfeeding and the surprise of new smiles and coos. 

looking back can be a wonderful thing, but i'm also making an effort to enjoy the little things that are happening now. weeks tend to blend together when we seem to be stuck inside building blocks, coloring and eating most days. however, i know that these are just as special times as when he was an infant. my son is still little, and i'm savoring these moments as much as i can without looking backward or forward too much.

but for tonight...
i look back. my sweet cohen monroe, one month old. 

cohen- 1 month photos-8.jpg
cohen- 1 month photos-13.jpg
cohen- 1 month photos-14.jpg
cohen- 1 month photos-9.jpg
cohen- 1 month photos-10.jpg
cohen- 1 month photos.jpg
cohen- 1 month photos-6.jpg
cohen- 1 month photos-3.jpg
cohen- 1 month photos-12.jpg
cohen- 1 month photos-7.jpg
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