A few weeks ago my sweet sister in law Kathryn had her tea themed bridal shower. I wanted to make sure all the amazing details of this party were remembered because my other sister in law, Annemarie, is an amazing interior designer and dreamed it up! Going through all the photos I sadly realized that my ratio of details to Kathryn were sort of off. There are plenty of her opening gifts but for the actual shower I wanted to be in the moment + present, so there aren't as many of people at the party as I wish. Oh well, pity party over.

Here are some snapshots of the lovely day. So blessed to have Kathryn as my sister and to have the chance to make her feel special and loved. Can't wait for her to marry her fiancé in May. The family keeps on growing in numbers as the years go on, but I love that we take the time to rejoice in events big and small. Thank you everyone who was involved in creating such a lovely tea party.

Kathryn Shower-1.jpg
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