Since we are in the great hibernation of 2014, i've been trying new activities with Cohen that didn't include curious george and the man with the big yellow hat. Great show for little kids, however...not all day everyday. 

This week we took on coloring. My hope for Cohen is that he enjoys creating as much as his mommy does. I quickly discovered that we don't have to worry about him hating to color. In fact, I had to be the one to shut it down for a little bit the other day. Not only did he love how the crayons looked on the paper as he drew straight and rigid lines, but he realized how fun it is to run around the house and color the walls, tv, and the tables. 

Oh yes, and crayons taste pretty great too. 

cohen coloring-3.jpg
cohen coloring-4.jpg
cohen coloring-6.jpg
cohen coloring-2.jpg
cohen coloring-5.jpg
cohen coloring-7.jpg

As much work as something like coloring, painting or any craft with a small child is, I know it's worth it to let him explore with more than one of his senses. to feel the crayons and paper and see how they go together so well to make a beautiful picture. We also were able to practice putting away the crayons. (I've been waiting for the day where he would enjoy putting his things away all by  himself!) He just started, so he still has to get the hang of it but I'm glad we are doing activities that encourage him to create, make a mess and then clean it up, together. I hesitated for awhile to let him color because I thought he may be too young, and he still might be, but as we do it a little bit each day I know he will be quite the little artist in no time. research how to get crayon off white walls...

Cohen's coloring book here

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