Supposedly spring will be coming soon and with that comes new clothes + fresh things to read or do. With a growing boy I'm realizing that each season we are needing to buy new clothes for him. Instead of buying a ton of clothes that may cost less individually, I've come to appreciate having a few good pieces and having him wear them multiple times throughout the week/months. Laundry will need to be done more often which will really be the challenge, but thats another story. These are some things I've been eyeing to get all winter. The bike is something fun that kids can now do since it's getting warmer out (hopefully I don't jinx it), obviously Cohen's too young but I can't wait for when he will be able to ride it, it looks so fun!

One. Bennett Balance Bike. Two. Colorblock Sunglasses. Three. Parka Jacket. Four. Romper. Five. Dinosaur Sweater. Six. Hunter Rain Boots. Seven. Colors Book.

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