a portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2014

Those blue eyes. This almost two year old. Loves to say: "Daddy's cars bwack (black), Applessssauce, Good mooorning mommy, Go oustide, I got peace like a riva (river), I wanna run real fast, socca bawwwl (soccer ball),  Wanna wear my backcup (backpack)...

First apple orchard trip of the year. Cohen loved apple donuts and watching cars speed by on the highway next to the orchard. We also gave a crucial talk about how we do not eat apples on the ground. We had a close call. 

Helping mommy work. On another note, this boy has used his big boy potty twice this week! My hope of having him potty trained by the time baby no. 2 comes is looking better and better. Fingers crossed!

Robyn BirkeyComment