The first bath is the hardest, or at least thats what I thought since Cohen bawled for his.I'm finding more and more that my boys could not be more different and I love it.

Ames' first bath was on a calm Saturday afternoon complete with sunshine and a freshly filled tum. He wasn't fazed by the water or washing and even seemed to enjoy it. Now that he's had a few since then I'm realizing it might not have been a fluke. This kid loves baths. Noel has been our resident bath giver in the family but now that we have two boys who tend to get dirty on the daily, I've found myself helping out and I have to say, I really have enjoyed caring for him in this way. Especially being the recipient of all those post bath snuggles. My heart. 

I also have to say though. I'm thankful for the things that make bath time better for everyone, like the PUJ tub and the incredibly good smelling and cleansing Honest shampoo and wash. The PUJ tub is so easy to use in any sink and even easier to clean. (All the praise hands.) And as far as the Honest soap goes, I'm happy that its packed with such beautiful ingredients that are so great for my little one's skin like chamomile, aloe and coconut oil. Somehow they've figured out how to make baby skin even softer than usual and I'm obsessed!

Shampoo and Wash // Honest Company

Bath Tub // PUJ Tub


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