I've been swamped recently and the last thing I've been thinking about is grabbing my camera throughout the day. Hopefully things will slow down a bit and I can get back to adding to this little photo journal of mine, but until then, here are a few random photos I snapped this month:

  1. Learning what "playing" together looks like
  2. New greens. Here's hoping I keep them alive
  3. Very own big boy bed
  4. That lovely, grainy, morning light.
  5. Happiness is, playing hide and seek in the teepee
  6. Crib hangs with Ames
  7. Little details of our little home, loving them all
  8. Most days you can find him in his pajamas, in the kitchen, asking for cereal. 
  9. Loving his new seat that our friends are lending to us. Bjorn bouncer, you are a lifesaver for mealtimes!
  10. These beauties surprised us as we come home this afternoon. 
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