A few forgotten photos from this summer. It's been a busy one for us full of events, family and coffee dates. It's August already and I feel as if Summer has just begun. However, I can't say I'm sad that fall is coming soon, my absolute favorite season! Apple orchards, sweaters, crisp mornings and of course, hot cappuccinos again.

Uncle E visited from New Zealand and spent some much needed time with his new nephew.

My favorite summer flower, dried so beautifully. 

Baby toes.

 Already can find his way just fine on the computer. #help.

 Loved celebrating Noel's 30th in our new place with so many good friends.

Pie, pie and more pie. 


Cheers to anything and everything.

Kinfolk Education.

Taking more portraits. This lovely lady. 

The nursery may just be my favorite room in our home.

This sweet face. 

The way he takes care of his little brother. Makes my mama heart so happy.

My baby is a little boy.



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