Our friend meetups are pretty seamless these days. As long as there is lots of coffee for mama and plently of games on the phone for the little one, we can last at least a few hours. Hooray! (It wasn't always this way.) I have been making more trips with the boys to the city and have fun exploring, but when we are exhausted and need a great local place, we head to Blackberry Market. The back patio is our favorite. We can sip on delicious Intelligentsia in a cozy shaded area without noise from the street. If you prefer indoors, the atmosphere is just as charming with a darling shop up front and plenty of seating for the lunch rush. If you are ever in the area, make sure to stop in for a bite and coffee...heck, I'll go with you!

Since I'm trying to pick up my Canon more, we decided to take a couple fun portraits on the way back. Love days like these. They are just as nourishing for my soul as they are for my tum.

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