Today was our friends Swany + Dave's wedding. It was a morning wedding which sometimes is tricky with having to both get showered, dressed, and get our little one ready for the day by 9am. Noel and I went to a lot of weddings when we were dating and first married, so going to this one without Cohen was nostalgic...although we did find ourselves feeling strange to not be with him during the day. With that said, it was a beautiful, God honoring ceremony and we couldn't be happier for our friends. We also spent a good amount of time afterwards just chatting with friends and enjoying the sunshine. I feel bad that I didn't take pictures during the ceremony and reception, but sometimes I think it's okay to put the electronics/camera down and just be in the moment. I'm just glad I happen to have my camera in the car and stuffed it in my purse so we could take a  few rare pictures together and a few of our friends. We ended our day by walking around downtown Naperville looking way too dressed up and eating way too much ice cream. After a significant amount of time people watching we headed to pick up Cohen and are ready for a lazy saturday night in. Date nights are more common for us, but afternoon dates are pretty special too.


Every woman needs a good twirling dress to honor the five year old version of themselves. 

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