LITTLE BITS by Robyn Birkey

My sister in law and sweet niece Eva came over for a playdate. We all tried not to smother the babe but seriously, look at those cheeks. NOM. I love when we have company over, not only because it gives me a chance to have some grown up conversations now and then but it also is a grrrrreat motivator to pick up the whole house! So lucky to have so much family close by so we can have afternoons together like these. 


Last week we had the pleasure of having the sweet and talented, Tiffany Wong come to our home and teach us watercolors. She was so patient with Cohen even though his attention span wasn't as long as we hoped but he enjoyed it a ton! I also acquired some new tricks that I've loved playing around with since she was here. 

If you have a little one or have an interest yourself in learning more on painting with Tiffany don't hesitate to contact her. She has a gift for not only making beautiful art like this, but also for teaching. Thanks Tiff, we are practicing tons!