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Easter this year was spent with my family in good ol' Montgomery. Our morning consisted of waking up early for church to practice for worship (Noel) and take pictures of the service (me). Afterwards, we raced home to make our contribution to Easter dinner, which if you knew my family, you could probably guess it was some sort of casserole dish. It was green bean casserole, and yes, it was incredible. However, like every holiday it's hard to not have my brother with us to celebrate. He currently lives in New Zealand, changing the world one life at a time. We love and miss him so much and want him to feel apart of our lives even more so on days like these. He is the reason I actually decided to keep up with my blog. So that he could see and grow with the kids and our lives, even with being oceans away.  

The day was just what I hoped it would be. Plenty of laughter, great food, and even better company. The kids loved that my mom "hid" easter eggs and baskets, the guys kicked around the ball for a few hours, (may even have gotten wicked sun burns) and we just were able to relax and just enjoy being together, no schedule. Holidays sometimes take alternate meanings, however I do love that they bring family together. So blessed to have family I love and care for and that love me in return. Oh, and that give me yummy leftovers...

I hope you had an especially wonderful Easter day as well!

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