Today was everyone's first day of homeschool! We started the morning with some songs and poems and moved into our book of the week study of Blueberries for Sal. We got tiny pails and blue felt balls to mimic Sal in the story. They picked them up and then decided they wanted to cook them so we had some fun free play baking blueberry foods and brewing blueberry tea. After that, we colored pictures practiced letters and ended with a game of soccer...per Cohen's request. We are green at this whole homeschool thing but it's safe to say the first day was a breeze!

P.S. I'm completely aware that all days will not be easy and that there will be some hard days. Days were an extra dose of grace and coffee will be needed! Looking forward to discovering how this will be for our family and excited to share when I feel inspired to! Happy school year everyone!  

Robyn Birkey1 Comment