As we are settling into a new house I've felt inspired, more than ever, to make this space our home. From purging things that we no longer needed or realized we still owned, to putting the finishing touches on the walls to remind us of who we are. A large part of decorating this home has been putting photos on the walls. Not photos from long ago, but moments from this past year, glimpses into who we are, now. It's easy enough to look through my Instagram feed and see the pictures I've taken of our lives, but there's something special in having them printed and framed on walls or up on bookshelves for you to see everyday.

There are companies that make framing photos painless and the best one I've found as far as quality, efficiency and great customer service is Framebridge. They turn your photos into artwork in the most simple way possible, especially if you use their app. There you can upload your photos, choose a frame, whether you'd like it matted or not, and before you know it, it's on your doorstep.

For me, I chose three different looks to display in our home. The first being a main piece to have over our fireplace. To many it would just seem like another floral photograph but for me, it brings me back to a beautiful day in June where my family and I took a trip to the beach and passed by the most gorgeous roses. In the most clique way possible, I stopped to smell them. They were perfect and beautiful so I quickly snapped this image. Since then, I have gone back in my phone to look at it many times and realized it was the picture I wanted to see in my new home, everyday. 

The family photo I chose to have framed is the most recent shot of us four. It's easy enough to capture photos of the boys, or one of us with the boys but all together is a much rarer occurrence. This was from a family vacation last month. We had been walking around after lunch and I had spotted this peach wall down an alley. In true form, I dragged my brother with the four of us and asked him to snap a few. The boys were tired so they decided to sit, I was brushing a stubborn hair away from my face and Noel was maybe moments away from smiling. Not perfect by many standards, but it's us, and I cherish it. 

The last photo is of my sweet baby Ames. He had just gotten out of the bath and was rolling all over mama's bed, as usual. These moments, the ones that are seemingly insignificant, are the ones I want to remember always.  Plus, this picture shows the joy that just exudes from Ames. Anyone who's met him will say, he's just the happiest little boy! 

I usually never end up getting my photos on the walls because of the hassle. Printing the picture, finding a frame, getting it mounted, yada yada yada, it's a pain. That's why I'm so grateful to the folks at Framebridge who took the hassle out of it and delivered my photos framed and ready to hang! My house is finally becoming a home and it feels right with my soul. 

Robyn BirkeyComment