The smell of fresh cut grass, the birds singing their songs in the air and the warm touch of sun on our exposed skin. Summer is near and everybody feels it. The promise of longer days filled with trips to the beach, long walks to the park and delicious picnics with friends. We found that a compact and durable mat is not only a beautiful addition to these outings but a necessary one. Especially when you bring kids and food into the mix. GATHRE's leather play mats check off everything on our list. They are light, wipeable and esthetically pleasing. I set up a fun little picnic/photo session for a friend of mine and her two darling girls, and believe me, we put it to the test. Through all the spills, crumbs and dirt, it held its own and was a breeze wiping down later. Featured is the Maxi Mat from GATHRE but we also have loved the Micro Mat for diaper changes with Ames. Same lovely design but sized down for easy changing, cleaning and storing in a purse. If you have some fun adventures in your future we highly recommend taking a GATHRE mat along for the ride. You won't be disappointed. 

Aren't these ladies the sweetest little trio? Thanks so much Myndi for letting me capture these moments of you and your girls. Also, if you ever need amazing recipes and tips for meal prep, Myndi's your girl. Take a look here!

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