Time truly does fly when you are pregnant and have another little one at home. I can't believe that I am already twenty-weeks and we find out the gender in a few short days!

So far, I would say that this pregnancy is similar to my pregnancy with Cohen with a few exceptions. My "morning"/all day and night nauseousness was hard last time because it lasted at least a few weeks longer and was more intense. Sometimes it felt worse with baby no. 2 though because as most mamas might agree, one of the hardest things is caring for your current child while wishing the whole time you could just curl up in bed all day and rest. Thankfully, around 15 weeks, the constant sickness stopped and my energy returned! Cravings so far have been sushi, brownies, dirty martinis, grapes, and cool ranch Doritos, (so strange because I don't normally eat Doritos). Making plans for a date night to have some sushi but I know I will have to wait a bit longer to fulfill the martini craving. Boo.

This baby has just started to make itself known to me in the form of kicking. Even though I know I experienced it with Cohen, it still freaks me out to feel it and reminds me that I do in fact have a tiny human inside me. No predictions on whether we are having a girl or boy because I was so sure before and was 100% incorrect. Although, I have been having lots of dreams that I am having a girl...Prophetic?

Life tends to move faster these days and I think that's how I can forget that I'm pregnant or what week I currently am when people ask. To be perfectly honest, I kind of prefer it this way. Sure, most days of the week I need to nap when Co sleeps instead of a list of things I'd rather do because of sheer exhaustion, but if the second half flies like the first, we will be meeting our newest little in no time. We couldn't be more pumped!

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