There's a running joke with my friends that every time they come over something has been moved, switched or added to our decor. Truth is, they aren't too far off! I love looking at our space and seeing how I can freshen and mix things up. Whether it's the because of changing seasons or sheer curiosity, I love love love changing up our decor. 

I've partnered with Lulu & Georgia to show how adding a few simple pieces to a room can really liven it up. I unintentionally had a very black and white palette going on in our living room. My hope was by adding new textures and colors I could make this place that we spend so much of our day even cozier. 

GEOMETRIC VASE / I was immediately drawn to this simple, geometric vase and knew exactly where it would go. Though because of it's size, I know I could move it just about anywhere in our house and it would be a perfect fit. I love it! You can't go wrong with geometric shapes in the home.

COZY THROW / I'm known for having a huge, chunky, knit blanket around the house but during these colder months it has made it's home on our bed leaving our couch a bit chilly. This throw is light enough to drape over the side but warm enough for story time with the kids. It's amazing what a blanket can do to really cozy up a leather couch. 

VELVET PILLOW / Here's another cozy, texture element for our living room couch. Velvet! This green pillow brings in the Spring vibe I was looking for without being too in your face. It also ties in some of the moss color patches in our wool rug. That couch was begging for color!

POUF / We're currently in what feels like a forever search for a small, beautiful coffee table, leaving us with no where to put our feet up.  This natural pouf adds a new texture to the space while still being very practical! The boys have also enjoyed this new addition...often pretending they are in a crop field pushing the "hay" around the house. Why do I even bother buying toys?

BOHEMIAN PILLOW / This pillow has it all. Fringe, wool and looks like a hanging woven tapestry. It's funky, ties in a little bit of the coral color from our rug and is seriously just beautiful to look at. Again, texture! Who knew our space was craving it so much? Crushing on this pillow 100%.

These seemingly simple additions have really brought this room to life. I'm over the moon about it!

Lulu & Georgia wants to help you do the same to your space. Head over to my Instagram account, @ro.birkey to enter a giveaway of $200 credit to shop their incredible store. Good Luck!!

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