It's safe to say we are completely smitten with our newest little one, Ames.

We have so much enjoyed the time getting to know him these first few weeks of his life. Ames is a pretty mellow baby, cries when he needs something, content to be held if awake. He has been especially sweet to his mama and daddy by doing longer, four hour stretches between feedings at night (all the praise hands)! Even when it's been a challenge, we still feel so thankful that God blessed us with this sweet boy. We are learning so much from him and are eager to keep getting to know him day by day. 

Cohen has been a gem when it comes to Ames. His tender spirit really comes out when he is around his little brother. From reassuring him in a whisper that "it's okaayyyyy ames," to sneaking kisses on his forehead, Cohen is over the moon that he has Ames around. Since bringing Ames back we have made sure to have intentional with the time with just us and Cohen. With me resting and recovering, Noel has taken the lead in this area. They have been making everything from cars, to fighter jets out of legos, rough housing, playing piano and even making a few trips out just the two of them. We don't want to act like things haven't changed in our family, but we want him to feel secure that his mama and daddy love him just the same. 

Ames my son, from your gray blue eyes to your tiny triangle toenails, you are dearly loved.

Robyn Birkey2 Comments