I could elaborate more on each day, however part of me wants to keep some of the memories just how they are in my head. To describe every day in great detail would in some way cheapen the trip to me. So, here is the quick play by play as I recall...

DAY ONE //  Lost on subways, Times Square (meh), Metro iced coffee, Accessories Expo, Molly's Cupcakes, Story Vendor Party.

DAY TWO // Subway, Surprise Market, Stroll through the park, Gawk at Brooklyn neighborhoods and potential BADALA store carriers, Get peed on by a dog, Iris Café, Meet up with new, local friend, Ovenly, Sweet walk out bridge to the middle of the water, Gaze at skyline and learn some NY history, shop, walk...walk....walk some more, Wythe Hotel, Five Leaves, Blue Bottle Coffee, Mast Brothers Chocolate, Go back to hotel, Zzzz.

DAY THREE // Walk through Central Park, Subway, Chelsea Market, Meet up with new friends Jenna, Christopher and Elleanorna for lunch, Blue Bottle Coffee to go, Trip back to Story, Highline, Get Stalked, Run away to Molly's Cupcakes, Enjoy amazing tapas at Boqueria with John from Molly's, Taxi to Queens at 1am, Get a few hours of sleep before an early morning flight home. 

You were a gem New York and will forever have a place in my heart.