Because sometimes, you just have to be silly and have a mini photoshoot with your little one, especially when you feel upset.

The days can be long but I know the years are short. When we are having "one of those days" where I come out of the shower and the walls are covered with drawings and I feel defeated because it's the 100th time it's happened and the 100th time I've explained why we don't do it, I need to remember to turn the day around and enjoy my day with my two year old. Just because he did something that upset me or we are having a rough few hours doesn't mean the day has to be declared bad. I can choose to discipline, encourage him and move on. My attitude affects my son more than I probably know and by carrying my anger throughout the day it blocks me or him to be able to soak in the sweeter moments that come along.

My son is two. He is learning about this world and the best thing I can do is love him the way Christ loves me. With grace. So much grace. I'm sure it won't be the last time that Cohen and I will have a chat about adding unwanted art to walls but as his mama I can acknowledge that it's a season of learning and repetition and that's okay. Correction is important, but maintaining a positive and encouraging relationship with him is even more important. I need to lay down any preconceived expectations I may have of how quickly he should get something and believe that one of these days it will click and all the talks we had will have paid off. He won't learn everything right away and he definitely won't learn any faster by me being angry about it the rest of the day. 

Today we had another exhaustive talk what we can draw on and what we can't... but we also played cars, snuggled watching sesame street, and jumped on my bed making up words, laughing and taking pictures. Today was a good day. 

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