Room Refresh

The idea of sharing a room with a sibling is very familiar with me because I did so with my sister for most of my childhood. We are four years apart and I would say it was pretty great for the most part. Of course we fought about whose stuff was on the other person’s “side” of the room most days but I wouldn't trade it for anything because for all the fights we had, I can recall all the good times as well. Sharing clothes, watching my sister do her makeup and hair to go out, sneaking into her bed if I had a bad dream and staying up just talking into the night.

Our three kids are now in the position of sharing one room and though I had some fear going into it with how it would all go down, I’m excited for their memories that they will share, similar to mine.

Having two boys in a girl in one space got my wheels turning as far as how I was going to create a space that felt fun, warm, and welcoming to each of them. To be honest, it was a little overwhelming thinking of going to multiple places and pulling things together on my own, so I quickly decided I needed a one-stop-shop for all their bedding and it was the right route to go.

Pottery Barn Kids made the experience stress free when finding coordinating colors, patterns and textures that tied both the boy’s bedding and Nova’s crib bedding together beautifully. The multiple sheet options they have gave me so much more variety that I could’ve hoped for. I could see everything in my cart that I was considering and visualize how the room would come together so easily. The major cherry on top of this was knowing that their sheets are organic and fair-trade! How amazing is that.

Robyn BirkeyComment