There are certain things that I am discovering and rediscovering the second time around being pregnant. For example; in times of stress, I need to have my go to's that help relax and bring me back to reality. Then there are the essentials that keep me feeling pretty, fresh and myself, even if it's just a trip with Cohen to Trader Joes. I've complied some of my favorites things so far in my pregnancy with baby No. 2. 

01 // I've been loving this Cypress Fig "man" candle by Apolis. 02 // Total cliche, and that is okay, Lindt Dark Chocolate. 03 // Rediscovered that crocheting is my main stress reliever. I've been eyeing this beautiful yarn from Loopy Mango lately. 04 // I sized up with this ultra comfy denim shirt, been living in it these past few chilly weeks. 05 // Thankful for companies that make comfortable maternity jeans that look like what I would wear normally. 06 // Nothing makes me feel more put together than this lip tint by LUSH. 07 // Hair Powder. Because who has time to wash their hair every day. Or every other for that matter. 08 // Date nights, parties, or just because...wedge boots have quickly become my favorite while being pregnant because I feel more dressed up without loosing comfort. Because in the end, it's all about balancing your style with comfort, right?

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