When it comes to clothing my boys could not be more different. 

Cohen has a sensitivity with textures, especially with fabrics touching his skin. If something is scratchy, rough or too 'you name it' he won't wear it. 

Ames is the most go with the flow. I can pretty much guarantee he will wear whatever I put on him without much fuss.

Through the years I have been so grateful that many small business kids brands have emerged on the clothing scene. There is such variety and styles to choose from that can cater to your kids unique look. We have many favorites but a new one is called Rags to Raches.

Their clothing has passed the softness test for Cohen and the ease of changing in and out of with Ames. With no buttons and zippers, these clever rompers are stretchy enough to slide into but fitted in the arms, torso and legs. The boys have been living in these outfits for days and I can't blame them. Their designs are right up my simplistic alley and are easy to play in for the boys. Crucial! 

Love, love love them.

Here are a few snaps I took of Co and Ames playing in them today. Enjoy!

Robyn BirkeyComment