remembering home + farmers market strolls with the kolos


Chicago, IL

Life is full of transitions, but one of the more bittersweet ones has got to be moving.

Moving from a place you’ve made your home for many years. A place where you got new jobs, engaged, marrying your best friend and eventually where you brought your first little one into the world.


For the Katie + Dustin, Chicago has been just that. So many traditions formed and memories made here. With an upcoming move out of state, those are the exact things they wanted to capture in their session before embarking on their new chapter.

Slow weekend mornings at home, dancing together in their living room, reading stories to their baby girl Wren, walking through their favorite park on the way to the local farmers market. All while taking in the breathtaking views of downtown Chicago. Seriously, it doesn’t matter how often I’m here, I still look up in awe.

Pure magic.

It was such a joy to document and honor the life they’ve created here and to always remember this beautiful city and the season they called it home.

Robyn Birkey1 Comment