Lately, I have taken a break from writing in my blog and have just stuck by doing Cohen's 52 Portraits project. One of the nice things about having my own blog is that there are no rules. Since this is purely a way to capture life's moments as they come, I can be as detailed or private as I would like. However, I am excited about some of the projects that I have been apart of recently and would love to share.



As many know, I have been working for an amazing non profit called BADALA as their Creative Director. From rebranding the company's logo, packaging, taking photos, and making designs for the website, it has been a role that I have loved and learned so much about since I started a year ago. As many of you also know, sometimes God gives you blessings that you weren't quite planning on and you have to adjust things in your life accordingly. Enter, baby No. 2. After a lot of prayer and chats with Noel, I've decided to take a step back. My passion is and will always be designing in one form or another and with a little one on the way and a very active toddler at home, I've decided to center my focus on freelance design. Doing freelance will allow me to be as busy or not busy as I need. I am constantly learning to put my plan down and let the Lord lead and direct our lives because He works all things for our good. Especially when we can't see or understand it all at the time. 

Speaking of things I didn't anticipate, I've recently accepted the opportunity to be apart of something that I believe is a blessing and a much needed resource for Christ centered women. It's a magazine called Deeply Rooted. Their goal is to... 


So far, I have done two DIY articles for them, one that was released today, and another fun one coming this Winter! I'm honored that they have asked me to be a regular contributor and know that like many other things in my life, it will be an experience I can grow and be challenged in. If you have never checked out their website/magazine, I encourage you to take a peek! I've felt there are many cultural ideas in the world that say we need to figure this life out on our own and the truth is that we can't! We need each other, especially as women to build up and encourage one another in our pursuit of Christ.

Transitions for me are always bittersweet, but I know that the more I hand over to the Lord and try not to control, the more peace I experience. I'm not sure what the next year will look like but I'm excited to where He will lead me, not only in my family, or work, but His calling on my life to share His love with His people. 


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