We recently updated the boy's room. Some reasons being for function and the other for aesthetic. Annnnnd maybe because I can't stop imagining how a room could be transformed, especially one that we spend so much time in.

Most of the time, I take items we already have and move them around to save money and to challenge how something that maybe fit in our living room well, now looks even better in a kids room. Examples being...The basket that once held all our firewood is now the home to the dozens of stuffed animals we've adopted over time. A switch of dressers gave us more room in our space and gave the boys more independence in choosing their clothes with it being more accessible. The wall has a fun geometric piece that I originally bought for a display at our church but quickly found a home in the boy's room for little books and some nick nacks. 

One thing I knew I wanted was a lighter rug to brighten their tiny space but always worried about cleaning something that was going to get messy so fast. Hello, have you met my boys? Thankfully there are these rugs by Lorena Rugs that happen to be machine washable. Did you know they existed? Game changer. The boys love how soft it is and I can't get enough of the look and practicality of it! 

We also decided to compliment the rug with a darling little pouf cushion for their room. Whether it's "o-dark-thirty" in the morning or right before bed, my kids love "composing" music on their piano. The cushion is soft, adorable the perfect size. Not to mention, machine washable as well! Praise hands. 

We are close to getting the boys new beds because someone has learned how to climb out of his crib and give his mama heart attacks...I have my eye on a few different ones and I'm sure I will be feeling less than excited when he's no longer contained, but I can hardly wait for these two to be in their own little matching beds together! 

For some, it could feel stressful to change their rooms around or a striving thing, but I can honestly say, I just really love doing it. Do what you love, ya know? 

White + Black Tassel Rug / Lorena Rugs

Black Tassel Cushion / Lorena Rugs

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