Instagram has become such a lovely group of people that I would've never had the chance to know otherwise. I had the pleasure of meeting Ellie through Instagram awhile back and when she told me she would be in Chicago and asked to shoot our little family I cleared our schedule to make it happen. These are our first official photos of our new family of four and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Not only was she a joy to be around and just as charming in person as she is online but she managed to capture such pure photos of our family. Cohen was in a funk for most of it and Ames was squirmy and trying to eat leaves, but hey, that's kind of where we are at these days, and thats real life. I didn't want perfect, I wanted us. It happened to be raining the day of our shoot but thankfully there were a few breaks where we raced around and she was able to get some photos that I know we will treasure for years to come. If you are in or ever plan to visit Oklahoma, you must beg Ellie to take your photos, she truly is a gem and so talented. Thanks again friend. We love them!


Robyn Birkey1 Comment