Here we are. The final few weeks before our little boy makes his entrance into this world and into our lives. There are many emotions surrounding the birth of this baby. I am of course excited but I have found myself not as anxious for him to come as I was with Cohen. I am remembering the whirlwind that comes after a baby is born and I am taking the time to enjoy the calm before the storm. I'm taking in the little moments of just Cohen and I. Savoring every snuggle, kiss and request to see baby brother in mama's tummy. Some of the things I have been asked most often are:

"Are you all ready for baby No. 2?"  // Is anyone? All we can do is prepare for him and anticipate that it will be an adjustment. I've heard that it's the hardest thing someone has gone through and that I should be prepared to hibernate for five months, and from others I have heard that it's really not that different and actually they feel it's easier having two. Physically we are close to having all the basics ready for him, and emotionally we are as ready as we can be. 

"Is Cohen aware of what's about to happen?" // Totally...and not at all. We have spent my whole pregnancy talking to him about his baby brother in my tummy, how he is going to be a great big brother and that soon he will actually get to touch and hold the baby. We have read books about becoming a big brother and he tends to really love them. So yes, I believe he knows these things because we have talked about them thoroughly, but I know that it will blow his mind once the baby is actually here. 

"How are you feeling?" // Sore ribs. Low belly pressure. Nervous for birth. Nostalgic. Over the moon excited. Curious. Hungry. Tired. Patient. Craving cappuccinos, sweets and fish tacos, always. Pregnant. 

This pregnancy has both crept and flown by. I can hardly believe we are at week 38 in a few days. Our little trio is about to become a quartet and I'm so looking forward to meeting the newest member. This blog is about to be spammed with newborn pictures, you're welcome. 



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