A few weeks back, the very talented Andrew and Marianne Nicodem of Nicodem Creative asked our family if we could be models for the photography class that they teach at Moody. We enjoyed the time so much and were happy to let students who are just starting off test and learn on us.  It worked out that as a family we were able to cover some main categories...portraits, couple, kids and maternity. Although I was worried initially considering Cohen had a long morning with no nap before hand, but it turned out really well. He was more than entertained by the students and even enjoyed venturing off without us to play toss with his beloved donkey. All in all, a successful day complete with lots of smiles, memories and even some free photo advice!

If you are in the Chicagoland area and need any sort of photos done, Andrew and Marianne are your couple. They are so flexible and understanding about kids and the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Plus the obvious...they take really great photos! 

fall family 2.jpg
Robyn Birkey4 Comments