This past weekend I attended Dose Market with some lovely friends of mine. Though, the time we spent browsing all the amazing products was overruled by us having way too many pictures taken of ourselves in the Smilebooth. Guilty! Sometimes I can put too much pressure on myself to always have a good picture taken of me from my "good" side and in that loose the joy of just being silly and not caring. I don't think it's wrong to have pictures taken that are flattering of us, but I think there are definitely times where I can forget that it's okay to be free from the thoughts of, "Oh no...delete that one, I look CRAZY. " The fun part of Smilebooth? The guy running it had a remote and at will took most of these candid pictures. There was also no escaping the fact that all of the photos would be put up on their website. Two thumbs up Smilebooth, thanks for the memories and a reason to laugh...with awkward hands, mouths wide open and all. 

Robyn BirkeyComment