Ever since I can remember, design and art have been a part of my life. With my dad being a graphic designer, I was introduced to Photoshop early on and would spend hours playing and creating. I was drawn to composition, unique perspectives and piecing together images to evoke feeling and emotion.

I came to realize the things I loved about graphic design growing up translated so beautifully to photography. 

From there—I was hooked.

Though my work has evolved and transformed over the years, my love for photos being more than just something to see—but something to feel and experience—has been a constant. 

My passion is art, film, creative collaboration and documenting real, every-day moments and interactions that seem ordinary and uncovering the beauty in them.

Work is just part of my life though—being a mama to three kids keeps me busy as well as making time for fun dinners with friends, cooking in my tiny kitchen and traveling when possible. Oh and binge watching Murder She Wrote because I'm 80? haha


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