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chicago, il
maternity session

I’m going to be honest. When I was asked to lead a family session for the Chicago Unraveled event last month I was beyond humbled but very anxious. It was something that I had never done before, hell—I’ve never even attended a photography workshop and I started to question why I had even said yes as I was walking out the door to the shoot. 

All that anxiety melted away as soon as I saw this dear family arrive. From first documenting their sweet family a year ago till now, they have consistently showed up in encouragement and support with my art. They are truly good hearted people who are just as much vulnerable and intentional as they are wild and free. They are present, connected and pure joy and I couldn’t have imagined having anyone else along this workshop journey with me! 🫶🫶

There are many (many!) more moments that I’m obsessing over from our time together but I’m overjoyed to finally share these favorites with you all.

To the @unraveledacademy family, @mari.trancoso and attendees—thank you for welcoming me in with arms wide open and being so supportive, loving and trusting of me bringing you into my world of family photography for the day. It was such an amazing experience of growth and capturing magic with so many talented photographers and I just feel really grateful and honored!

Thank you. 💛